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Email Marketing Continues to Evolve With Changing Times

Some people believe that spam or junk mails have killed email marketing. The elder statesman of online marketing does not matter anymore. I am sure you won’t like spam or junk mails. No one does. And with the advent of social media, there is this belief that the final nail on the email marketing coffin […]

Windows Web Hosting: Your Best Bet

Over the last few years, windows web hosting has become a very popular term in search engines. With more and more people are looking to own their little personal or business space on web, they are flocking to Google, Yahoo! and Bing for answers. Yes, there are many operating systems offer plethora of web hosting […]

Why Dedicated Server is All Important for Your Website Health

Yes, we all know that sharing is caring. When you are with your dear and near one, or in companion with known people sharing is caring. Or when you help a needy or an aged person on the street or tube, yes, sharing is indeed caring. But, is it safe to share space with strangers, […]

Suninfy to Sell and Manage Google Aps for Work for Businesses of All Sizes

Continuing with its trusted run, Suninfy has added yet another portfolio to its list of dynamic service lines. Along with servers, web hosting, email hosting, bulk email, sms and seo solutions, it is now all slated to sell and support Google for Work applications to its list of present and probable customers. Now by enabling […]

5 Cool Tips for Domain Registration

The poet may say, “What’s in a name?” A rose may always be rose whichever way you call it, but a rose is not in the business of this ever increasing complicated global market place. Rose was, is and will forever be top on recall internationally, from Australia to Alaska, from Bangalore to Birmingham. But […]

Material Design Updates From Google With Smarter Features

Do you want to make your smart phone even smarter? Worry not, Google is here to help you. With a sleek new look, Google app has brought “new smarts” for Android devices. Google Apps for Android gets a new update this week. It will wear Android 5.0 Lollipop’s Material Design to hit the bull’s eye […]