Why Dedicated Server is All Important for Your Website Health

Shared HostingYes, we all know that sharing is caring. When you are with your dear and near one, or in companion with known people sharing is caring. Or when you help a needy or an aged person on the street or tube, yes, sharing is indeed caring. But, is it safe to share space with strangers, space which contains all your business data which are extremely secretive and vulnerable in nature? The world of shared hosting presents many threats. If a website is hosted with a shared hosting plan, it may be as secure with the weakest website on the same shared hosting server. A lot of times, despite strengthening the security ambiguities, deploying the latest firewall with updates, websites are still compromised or fall prey to threats.

With most shared hosting plans, websites are broadly kept on a server which is shared by many. The bandwidths, the IPs etc. are shared by many clients. This situation is more like sharing a flat with batch mates, where, at the end of the day, you have to figure out who gets what, who pays what and million other messy factors which certainly do not add any value to you. You will feel vulnerable when your buddy brings over a shoddy friend of his for stay. You don’t get a peaceful sleep at night. You will wonder, what if I find some important stuff missing the next morning. Security is a big issue. If one person falls vulnerable in the chain, that weakest link lets suffer everyone there. Similarly, in shared server, if a website becomes vulnerable to a cyber-attack or hack, your website also may suffer gigantic loss. There are many ways a hacker may scheme his plan, but they always use the most convenient path, the attack most defenseless sheep in the herd and get away with their loot. Also, a mischievous user can intentionally buy space from a shared plan and with his login credentials gain access and opens gateway for the attack. Other disadvantage being, the user cannot tighten the security ring probably the way you want to. A lot of shared plans cannot allow  users access to the PHP and Apache configuration of the server.

Dedicated servers on the other hand give you certainty and many benefits:

Performance: Since you are not sharing server resource like process, power, memory etc. you get better performance.

Reliability: So, the risk of slow server is eliminated along with shut down of server due to sudden upsurge of traffic.

Security: No one else can have access to your server

Custom Configuration:  Installation of specific software and updates are possible

Custom firewall: Access control policies are available on request

Personal IP address: Mostly shared services do not have personal IP address.

Upgradable:  More space, memory, higher end processors, you want it, you get it.

Safe storage: The hosting company makes the server secure. There is no need to store the server in your premise. Hosting company will take care of that, keep it in the climate-controlled environment away from moisture.

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