Email Marketing Continues to Evolve With Changing Times

email-mktgSome people believe that spam or junk mails have killed email marketing. The elder statesman of online marketing does not matter anymore. I am sure you won’t like spam or junk mails. No one does. And with the advent of social media, there is this belief that the final nail on the email marketing coffin has been hit. Do you agree? Well, I have this piece of news for you. Email marketing is alive, kicking and is all slated to play a bigger role than ever before in the digital marketing drive. There are many reports suggest how small to medium to large companies are going to up their ante on email marketing practice.

For almost 17 years, from selling a movie ticket, magazine subscription, holiday package or neighborhood groceries, marketers have delivered trillions of emails, personal and well timed, valued added and creative emails to billions to garner their desired RoI.

A recent study highlights how email marketing stands immense popularity among online shoppers. Highest numbers of respondents (25%) said that email is their favorite mode of channel in receiving promotional marketing messages. Compared to that, only 9% said they prefer text messages or sms, 7% would prefer snail mail and 5% social media. As per Factshunt, approximately there are 3.8 billion email users in the world.

Like any evolving cycle, email marketing also has been going through transformation. What worked today may not hold importance today and may become obsolete tomorrow. Let’s take a look at some trends that are gaining momentum in the email sphere.

Unsubscribing will be easier: A new Gmail feature allows users to unsubscribe from a mail even without opening the message.  A section of marketers made hue and cry about the Gmail move. Such user friendly unsubscription they opined would lead to loss of subscribers, often acquired through dollars or costly marketing exercise. However, in realty, moves like these actually work well for business at the end of the day. Any marketer would welcome a more empowered database over an one which does yield much traction.

Mobile takes center stage: This is no secret that more and more email open rates now take place over mobiles. Structuring emails for mobile optimization has become a necessity now.

Email becomes getaway to other channels: Connecting email with multiple owned social media channels will work wonder for marketers. It will not only amplify the messaging but also bring a certain consistency along with more footprints across properties. An E-consultancy study states that, “85% of respondents to the Email Census agree with the notion that email will be fully integrated with other marketing channels in five years’ time.”

Better technology, more engagement: Advanced HTML features will take the user experience to a whole new level. Earlier, from emails users used to visit landing pages through different external links. This is going to change as with transformation, users will engage with content from within the message.

Going gets better: Survey like this  predicts that email usage will grow at an average rate of 7% YoY making it one of the most powerful and trusted customer engagement marketing tools.

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