Material Design Updates From Google With Smarter Features

Google integrates messages in Material Design Do you want to make your smart phone even smarter? Worry not, Google is here to help you. With a sleek new look, Google app has brought “new smarts” for Android devices. Google Apps for Android gets a new update this week. It will wear Android 5.0 Lollipop’s Material Design to hit the bull’s eye of businesses sweet spots. From desktop class performance to improved connectivity, from extended battery life to enhanced security features, device sharing capabilities to greater control over notifications; the Material Design will make sure the business user gets better, smarter experience. This Google app with greater ease and élan has integrated web searches with voice commands from Google Now. No wonder, the Lollypop management is deployed as the new operating system for new generation machines.

So what these new exciting changes mean for businesses. Let’s take a look


Material Design

First to note is the spunky new look and feel. Bold, bright colors, super smooth animations and new tweaked side bars come with this design refresh. Users can now block irritants, share photo rapidly, get full support of emojis etc. Google wanted to create a more intuitive user experience with better touch and enhanced voice performance with superior app transitions. Google pushes an update on two Material design lay outs. One is light and the other is dark. These themes are understandably different than its predecessor, Holo. However, Google has not completely done with Holo. It coexists with the newbie duos.


Another highlight for users is ability to use Google Now even when the screen is not on “on” mode. Say bye bye to sudden device unlock or multiple steps laden screen activation for an instantaneous web search or road direction. Just say, OK Google, ask and command and you are done.

New smarts


Notwithstanding all the goodness of Google app, the update also brings additional goodies in the form of many new capabilities keeping especially in mind business users’ usage pattern. More than a friend and guide, Google app also gets you reminders, executes in-app searches and enables you take informed decisions.


  • Reminders: If this is not magical, then nothing is. If there is an event you talked about in the past and things did not get clarity, this app will remind you of possibility of potential plans or programs based on your previous discussions. For example, you may have received a mail from a friend, say about lunch but not only had you forgotten to answer, you also do not remember the lunch at all. In scenarios like these Google Now card prompts you to add this to your calendar. Imagine the possibilities. These automatic tracking can save you from so many possible disasters. Adding more value to the concept, Google enables you to set up reminders for groceries, visit to doctor, TV soap schedule and your parking spot.


  • In-app searches: Get more by using Google app. The in-app searches go beyond web or stored data. For example, just say, OK Google, search Flickr for Birthday photos from New York, it will not only open the said app but also get you to the appropriate results.

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