Windows Web Hosting: Your Best Bet

Windows Web HOver the last few years, windows web hosting has become a very popular term in search engines. With more and more people are looking to own their little personal or business space on web, they are flocking to Google, Yahoo! and Bing for answers. Yes, there are many operating systems offer plethora of web hosting options, but by far Windows server has remained its most recommended position. Thanks to its smooth integration, robust security features, application compatibility and just one single point of control, Windows web hosting has always remained more popular. Not only windows web servers are more compatible but also it possesses a lot of wonderful features.

No wonder, companies and individuals alike worldwide prefer to go with windows web hosting for their online presence. By far, it is the more user friendly operating system in the world. Windows platform today empowers some who’s who of websites including

Every day, windows application are used innumerable times. As far as web hosting is concerned, the story is not much different. It is surprising that despite all the disruptive technological advances and inventions, most of the latest web applications today are genuinely windows based.  Every windows server hosting enables all Microsoft applications for faster integration and proficiency, other platforms are not equipped or intelligent for compatibility. This is a major concern against non-Microsoft vendors. To take the benefit of .Net, ASP and VB.NET are running Windows web servers. If a developer want to go with .Net based applications or wondering about a ASP.NET server hosting, the best bet is windows web hosting.

As far as database support is concerned, Windows hosting is recognized as much better than other alternative routes. Windows hosting is a brilliant choice considering the website is depending on .Net or Visual Basic. Actually, this is the only choice that helps website owners reach their accomplishments. Unix hosting has not proved to be a winner. Windows is also superior if the website uses Active Server Pages or .ASP. Windows is user friendly if the website is advanced in nature, like dynamic and with database. Using Microsoft Access for database is easy due to ample options for integration.

With the relentless and never ending screening of Windows for updates and research and development aiming to eliminate bugs and patches, Windows has remained as an ideal option for websites.

From performance and control in web hosting, from rich features to state of the art infrastructure, form 99.99% uptime to dedicated support, from infrastructure to code to domain and FTP to email features,

If someone is planning to develop a robust website by using MS Index Server, .Net, or Visual Basic Scripts, Suninfy’s Windows Hosting services can be your most perfect choice. Suninfy offers the most affordable and feature rich plans at price points un-paralleled elsewhere.

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